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Friday / September 30.
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Hindu Muslim High High Teaser

In this teaser for the upcoming podcast Hindu Muslim High High, Meraj and Prerna talk (and banter) about (pop) culture and politics of and about the Indian diaspora.

Over the last several years, there has been a tectonic shift as India moves from a more “progressive” outlook to definitely a more divisive regressive democracy .  We struggle everyday with this constant push and pull of ideologies that exist within us as a nation, and the fact is, the picture is not as grim as it seems. There is a constant effort by groups/individuals on the ground and in the Indian diaspora rigorously fighting the malady that has engulfed Indian politics to try and save the soul of this beautiful and chaotic country we call home.

Join us, as we talk every month about what has been going on in the Progressive Indian diaspora, raise some questions, rant and laugh about silly things while making sense of the current news from India.

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