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Sunday / November 27.
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Fighting From Behind!

by Meraj Rizvi


To my friends and allies—
There is enough truth in lies.
You wrote poems because you wanted ears;
I wrote ‘em to hide my fears—
Word after word layer on layer.
You made music to dance;
I made them for a chance—
To get enough attention.
So when they put me in detention.
The world may know.
Through that last show
Where you held the mic
To sing what you like,
I sang one song
to tell them what’s wrong;
Knowing all too well
I may not hear the morning bell.
I know you wanted to help
But you weren’t fighting for survival—
Maybe for revival,
Maybe to break the cage,
Maybe to express your rage.
So when you built that stage—
You had the right to be seen
Saving the world for me,
Deciding “to be
or not to be.”
And decisions you made,
To keep me in shade
Were perhaps good.
But there I stood,
Thinking how
You still need to know—
My friends my allies,
That there is enough truth in lies.

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