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Monday / December 5.
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How to help during the COVID-19 crisis in India?

Image Courtesy: Ganesh Dhamodkar/Wikimedia Commons
Featured Image Courtesy: Ganesh Dhamodkar/Wikimedia Commons

This page will collate a number of resources and links of interest in our effort to respond effectively to the COVID-19 crisis in India.

Emergency Appeals

ESI hospital Chennai has an oxygen crisis! Supplies are not reliable any longer. To overcome this they are looking to set up an Oxygen Generating Unit for the hospital immediately.

They need help to source a Transportable Oxygen Generator which will have to generate between 1500 litres to 5000 litres a day to support 150 beds.

This has to be a prefabricated and transportable unit making it ready for use within the next few days.

It is URGENTLY needed! We request your help in sourcing an oxygen generator from a reliable company (non-Chinese owing to government regulations).


    A global coalition of scientists, clinicians, engineers, policy-makers, epidemiologists, community organizers and industrial partners, ignited into collective action by the unprecedented surge of COVID-19 cases in India.
    Partnership focused on medical education and training for Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, the Global Anesthesia and Critical Care Learning Resource Center which provides courses for all learners and includes care for Covid-19
    Developed by Stanford researchers, has courses for healthcare workers and has an app that can be downloaded (on iOS and Android) and can be used without Wi-Fi. It comes in 7 languages including Hindi.

US Indian-American Physicians community have unanimously joined hands to provide COVID-19 consultations FREE OF CHARGE for India.

To schedule your appointment visit
For free booking, use voucher code – mdtok2021



Fundraisers and Organizations to Support


List of Vetted Organizations by HFHR

In the midst of the current crisis, several hate groups have also begun raising funds to provide relief in India. Given that such relief in the past has been highly discriminatory, Hindus for Human Rights has created a list of organizations and efforts that they can personally vouch for. To find this vetted list of organizations, visit


Support Karwan-e-Mohabbat’s Fundraiser in India

Karwan-e-Mohabbat is committed to reaching out to the most vulnerable people and communities in this time of need. To mitigate the distress of the current health and economic disaster we have started to extend solidarity relief in the following ways:
– Providing oxygen concentrators, oximeters, masks and sanitizers to homeless and other poorest populations
– Organizing oxygen langars for the homeless in Delhi so they have access to emergency medical relief
– Testing and treatment of the most vulnerable
– Food and ration kits to the homeless, riot survivors in Delhi, and other most vulnerable families such as those in the river islands of Assam, women-led refugee families and transgender people
– Pensions and educational support for widow survivors of hate violence and their children who are even more vulnerable during this unprecedented humanitarian crisis, as well as health care and disability rehabilitation
– Help in dignified funerals


The British Asian Trust is conducting a fundraiser to provide COVID relief for India.

To see people struggle to get access to get basic healthcare facilities, like medicines, beds, and even oxygen, is heartbreaking. This situation is made worse when we are unable to provide dignity in death. At this juncture, we feel that it is important for all of us to collectively come together. As artistes, we are funding this relief effort by turning to our art and offering our creative work.

We are coming together to support “Oxygen for India Emergency Appeal” by BAIF (British Asian Indian Foundation) where 100% of proceeds go toward purchasing oxygen concentrators and rapidly deploying them to hospitals and patients who need them most.

What can you do?
Make a minimum donation of $100+ (£75 / ₹7500) and for the next 5 weekends, we will send you creative content: offerings from practice, or unseen footage from performance/audio tracks of new works in progress.

Link to donate:


We The People Foundation has decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign for setting up an Oxygen Plant and 15 Concentrators in Vadgam, Gujarat.

They need 60 lakhs and more to make this possible.

  • Cost of setting up oxygen plant – INR 35,00,000
    Timeline: 8-10 days.
  • Cost of Oxygen Concentrators – INR 1,20,000 + delivery cost per piece 
    Timeline: 8-10 days.

The funds would also be used in providing necessary medical aid as per the needs of the patients like the purchase of ventilators, essential drugs for treatment, and other equipment as the need arises further.

Link to donate:


Association for India’s Development has started a massive campaign to provide COVID Relief in India.

A sample of daily updates on their page include:

  • AID has sent non-invasive ventilators from the US to 2 Mumbai hospitals so that they can be tested for appropriateness and usage in local conditions.  This is an initial sample to see their effectiveness in the current crisis.
  • AID has sent funds for the provision of groceries to the marginalized communities facing loss in their daily work in Gujarat (partnering with Kadam) and in West Bengal (partnering with Swanirvar).
  • AID has sent support to extend the help desks in rural hospitals to 20 blocks of Maharashtra and for 3 months.  These help desks and helplines ensure that rural patients from villages in Maharashtra can get proper guidance and treatment at government hospitals.

To support their campaign, please visit:


For a large rather exhaustive list of vetted fundraisers, visit


Tribal Health Initiative Sittlingi has converted 15 beds in a ward for Level 1 and Level 2 care. You can help support the running of these beds by donating at the following bank account nos.

Account Holder Name:  Tribal Health Initiative
Acc No.: 11689302723
Bank: State Bank of India, Kotapatty
IFSC Code: SBIN0006244

Account Holder Name:  Tribal Health Initiative
Acc No.: 611901076914
Bank: ICICI Bank, Salem
IFSC Code: ICIC0006119

Please email thisittlingi[at]gmail[dot]com to receive a receipt for u/s 80G exemption under the IT Act.

Level 1 care – 5 days – Rs 7000/patient

Level 2 care – 5 days – Rs 15000/patient


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