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Monday / December 5.
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South Asia Solidarity Group condemns Israel’s brutal onslaught on the Palestinian people

South Asia Solidarity Group condemns Israel’s brutal onslaught on the Palestinian people: its genocidal airstrikes on Gaza targeting essential services like power supplies, hospitals and schools, attacks even on playgrounds and the killing of journalists, doctors and hundreds of children, women and men.
its attempts at ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah
its attacks on worshipers in Jerusalem and on Palestinian homes by lynch mobs of Israeli settlers
While we mourn the enormous loss of life, the dispossession and displacement of the Palestinian people, we salute their courageous resistance. They have risen up on the streets, and in refugee camps and in exile across the world – the Palestinian youth fearlessly taking control of their destiny. We stand with them in total solidarity
We condemn the blatant hypocrisy of the US government as it calls for restraint ‘on both sides’. Since its creation in 1948, the US has provided $146 billion dollars to Israel, most of it allocated to the military. It has also now handed over $375 million worth of arms to Israel even as it commits horrendous war crimes against Palestinians. As for the UK, its arms sales to Israel have risen from £74 million in 2008-2014 to a colossal £361 million in 2014- 2018 and have escalated further since.
We are outraged by the attempts of Israel and its allies to project this powerful colonial state, armed to its teeth with lethal weapons, and the people of the occupied Palestinian territory on an equal footing. We know from our own history that colonial powers routinely claim a so-called ‘right’ to defend themselves from the resistance of the colonised – even when this ‘defence’ is mass murder. It was used by the British during and after India’s first war of independence in 1857 to justify the wiping out of entire populations in village after village. An awareness of this colonial history had led Indian governments in the first three decades after independence to stand unequivocally with the Palestinian people and against the Israeli occupiers. However things have changed drastically over the last two decades and particularly under the current Hindu-supremacist, fascist Modi regime .
We condemn Indian government for its increasing closeness to Israel, its refusal to condemn Israel brutal assault on the Palestinian people, and its consistent crushing of all acts of solidarity with Palestine in India and Kashmir – most recently the arrest of Kashmiri artist Mudasir Gul whose ‘crime’ was producing graffiti with the words ‘We are Palestine’
We condemn the Indian government for its brutal military occupation of Kashmir and its increasing shift towards settler colonialism modelled on Israel. We condemn its use of arms and technology ‘tried and tested’ on Palestinians to kill Kashmiris and Adivasi (indigenous) people of central India, whose land it is handing over to mining corporates. We condemn India’s purchases of some 50% of Israeli arms and weaponry which make a massive contribution to Israel’s economy today.
We stand in solidarity with the courageous people of Palestine as they fight the terrorist apartheid state of Israel! The future is theirs!
From the river to the sea Palestine will be free!
Free Palestine!

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