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Monday / December 5.
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Statement and demands following terrorist attacks in London, Ontario

The terrorist attack of Sunday, June 6 2021 in London, Ontario that killed 4 members of a Muslim family – a teenager, her parents, and her grandmother – is devastating. Her 9-year old brother survived and is in hospital in serious condition. This is an ideologically-driven crime against our fellow humans, against all Canadians, and against Muslim Canadians in particular. When does this stop? When is it time to say, enough is enough?

This has gone on for far too long and is tearing apart our communities and our country. Muslims are gripped with fear and worry about their safety and their very lives. This must not be allowed to happen in a country like Canada, where all persons and all communities must feel safe and accepted. We must all co-exist and thrive together.

We can no longer pretend that hatred and a pernicious Islamophobia are not running rampant in our midst. Cyberspace has become a cesspool of extremism. White supremacist and ultra right-wing extremist groups are spawning everywhere, spreading hate, and dehumanizing everyone but their own ilk. This must stop and the status quo must change.

So far, over all these years, no concrete actions have been taken, no laws have changed, not even a resolve has been made. Meanwhile, Muslims continue to be targets across Canada. These crimes, frequently mass killings, have occurred as Muslim Canadians, ordinary Canadians, were going about their daily lives just like we all do, praying, volunteering in the community, walking outdoors – in Toronto, Quebec City, Edmonton, now London, Ontario, besides many others.

Attacks such as the one in London, Ontario this past Sunday have no place in Canada. Society must implement structural changes and new laws must be enacted to deal with the growing and deadly threat of supremacist and ultra right-wing extremism. Campaigns of education must be carried out. Introspection must occur.

Canadians Against Oppression and Persecution (CAOP) demands that:

  1. terrorism charges be laid on the London terrorist killer. This gets justice for the London family and for all of Canada.

  2. immediate and concerted national-level discussions at the highest levels must occur, including an emergency national summit on Islamophobia, as also suggested by National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM). These must include all tiers of government, civil society, media, and law enforcement.

  3. Church leaders must now step forth to condemn Islamophobia and other hatreds as many who commit these terrorist acts identify as Christian.

  4. groups that promote hate be banned forthwith and all their activities eradicated in a concerted manner. Here is a list organization and group types that must be proscribed:

    1. White supremacist and KKK type
    2. Ultra right-wing and Western guard
    3. Islamophobic
    4. Racist, anti-Semitic, and other hate-promoting
  5. strengthen regulation and carry out systematic surveillance and search of cyberspace to find and stop online hate crime. Give severe punishments, such as long jail terms with no early parole.

  6. immediate changes to Canada’s hate laws to stop Islamophobia and the terrorism against Muslims, against all of us, that it results in.

  7. those charged with terrorist activities and heinous crimes be appropriately punished:
    1. Upon conviction, sentences must be consecutive (successive or one after the other) not concurrent (all jail sentences served at the same time), with no parole.

    1. For example, the London, Ontario killer must receive four murder and one attempted murder convictions consecutively, with no parole. Allegedly he was smiling and chanting something and asking people to make his video while he was being arrested and escorted towards the police car.

CAOP counts on your support as a Canadian, as a person of good conscience, to speak up and, now, to act.

Please contact Yousuf Syed, Co-Founder, CAOP via email at if you have questions.

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