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Friday / September 30.
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Hindu Muslim High High Episode 3: Protest Mela

Since the passing of the new farm laws by the Indian government, thousands of farmers are sitting in protest around Delhi, the capital of India, trying to tell the government that they are not happy with the laws. The impact of this protest is felt across the world and has resonated with the farmers all over the world. But the Narendra Modi government is busy diverting attention from this huge protest. The “mainstream media” is busy debating why the farmers are eating pizza and why they are not legitimate farmers because they do not look poor. The irony of this narrative is why we named this episode “Protest Mela”. While the farmers are facing water cannons, police brutality, trying to tell the government and the public that the new farm laws are not just about farmers but about consumer prices and food security too. If that was not enough, more than four hundred farmers died while protesting.

As grim as the situation is, farmers protest has cracked open the agenda of the Modi government to open up public space entirely for the private players. Recent developments in Lakshadweep is yet another consequence of this agenda, and as always, the progressive diaspora is pushing for a progressive India.

In this segment we talk about all of this, and we also think that Modiji has “precogs” who can predict a crime before it has actually happened. Who are they? We know, and we are going tell you. Tune in and let us know what you think of the new format!

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