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Monday / December 5.
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Hindu Muslim High High Episode 5: American Grass is Greener

“What do you know about India? You are sitting in Amreeka, enjoying”. If this sounds like a familiar response when you criticize the Indian government on how the farmers’ protest has been mishandled, you are not alone. And the grass is not really greener either. Farmers in the US are struggling with the fallout of the privatization of farming in a way similar to what has already happened in some states in India (namely Bihar).  The new farm laws that the Modi government is trying to shove down the throats of the farmers are so indistinguishable from those already tried in the US, that the makers of the movie we interviewed in this episode, named their creation “Deja Vu”.

In this episode listen as our guests on the show narrate to us what the investigation of the four decades of the neo-liberal experiment of privatization of farming in the US has revealed. How their lives and communities have slowly been destroyed. The makers of the movie “Deja Vu”, R. Tarafder, S. Agrawal, and B. Pain speak about farmers’ suicides, loss of farmlands, the devastation of entire towns, and so on. A story that sounds like the ones coming out of the Vidarbha in Maharashtra.

This investigation is a result of a 10,000 km-long journey through rural America, and the stories that have emerged are eye-opening.

“There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch”… which is true for documentaries as well. So here is the “go fund me” page for the documentary that links the US farm laws and the farmer’s protests in India-  from curious, passionate people making their way into uncharted territories trying to uncover the truth.

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