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Monday / December 5.
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Hindu Muslim High High Episode 7: Weed’s Good Man

Memes are perhaps the most influential and intuitive form of expression. Once a meme is out in the wilderness of the internet, no one can predict when, and how a meme will “go viral”. Like all means, memes have also carried hateful ideas and while we are talking about hate speech this month, there could not be a better movie to review than “Feels Good Man”. This is the story of a cartoon character created by Matt Furie, “Pepe the Frog” a chill college kid who hangs out with his friends and does weird stuff that college students do. But unbeknownst to Matt Furie, Pepe the Frog becomes a symbol of hate, used by alt-right and neo-Nazis for hate propaganda. By the time Matt Furie realizes how his benign, fun character has metamorphosed into a poster child of hate, it is too late and Pepe the Frog has become a hated and hateful symbol. Take this journey with us, as we navigate through the complexity of the meme world, artistic responsibilities, misuse and abuse of artworks, and of course, hate speech vs. freedom of speech. You can watch the trailer of Feels Good Man here-Feels Good Man Trailer.

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