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Saturday / October 23.

COVID-19 Q&A for Healthcare Professionals and Families in India

The Division of Hospital Medicine and the Department of Medicine invite you to join this live webinar with expert panelists at Stanford University to exchange knowledge about COVID-19 with anyone caring for covid-19 patients in India to address questions about management of COVID-19 and vaccines. […]

IP Rights & the Political Economy of India’s Vaccine Policy

Lives can be saved. If so what is stopping us? Please join us,, with Prof. @ramakumarr Covid official death count in India, 2,46,116. Aug projection is 10,00,000. It's people's lives Vs Profit. Thu May 13, : 6:30 PM PDT Zoom:

Meritocracy and Democracy: the social life of caste in India

Event Details: How does the utopian democratic ideal of meritocracy reproduce historical inequality? Subramanian pursues this question through a historical anthropology of technical education in India. Her work looks at the operations of caste, the social institution most emblematic of ascriptive hierarchy, within the modern […]

A workshop on Islamophobia

June 5, Saturday, 2021, India 8.30 pm - Available all over the world - Request Form - Peace Vigil online workshop - Know Anyone Who Hates Muslims? A workshop on Islamophobia. The workshop will involve interactive exercises of peace education aimed at making the participants […]

Funeral of a Saint of our Time

Only 20 people are allowed tomorrow for the "Memorial Mass" of late *Father Stan Swamy* at Saint Peter's Church, Bandra. The list is already filled with Priests of Society of Jesus (SJ).Hence everyone is requested to view the mass online on Saint Peters Church YouTube […]

Youth Power for Social Justice: An Interactive Conversation

Visit: About this event How can I make a difference in the world? What does it mean to live a meaningful life? There's so much going on in the world -- how do I decide what I want to do? If you're a young […]

Online conference on the politics of citizenship in South Asia

The “Reimagining Citizenship” project, based at the University of York, and supported by funding from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, is co-convening an online conference on the politics of India’s amended citizenship laws along with the South Asia Specialist Group of the Political […]